Director's Chair
Director’s Chair

Prior to moving to Bonaire, I found many of my compositions involved the deep shadows and full sun captured around windows. I often painted light and reflections in glass and tried to capture the luminous sunlight shining through flowers and leaves. Moving to Bonaire, opened up a whole new world of nature year round.

find I  the vibrant colors and dramatic creatures of Bonaire to be inspirational. The brilliant Caribbean light bounces off the intense Bonaire colors – mustard yellow houses, neon green iguanas, turquoise water, coral pink flamingos, the incredible purples of the salt pans against the white mountains of salt. Bonaire is a truly rich visual experience. I hope my paintings reflect some of that intensity.
Linda Richter was born and raised in Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA, and had formal fine art training at Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH. She is raising two teens and has lived on Bonaire since 1997.

Linda Richter, Kaya Statius van Eps 17, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
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