One Frog, Three Frogs. Green, Yellow, and Blue Frogs

Green Frog
Green Frog

Green Frog
Poison Arrow frogs in various colors hide along the rain forest floor. The tiny frogs have been greatly enlarged to show the drama of their form and color. Each is solitary in its own frame and yet they are part of the whole environment. “If you are a frog lover like I am, you can’t resist these little cuties.”

oil on stretched canvas
12×12″ each, set of three
Framed on 18×18 black wood panel each. This allows vertical or horizontal hanging as desired.
Original SOLD

Signed limited edition prints are available on-line as individuals in Standard size 8×8 print area $95, or as a grouping of three horizontally as a Large size $125.

Keywords: frogs, poison arrow, amphibian
Colors: green, black, brown