No Richter Art 2013 Calendar and New Beginnings

Due to the passing of my husband, Jake Richter, from cancer in June of this year, I did not have the time and energy to do much painting and therefore do not have any new artworks to share. I contemplated creating a 2013 calendar using oldies-but-goodies, but time literally got away from me and I find it is mid-November with nothing to show for it. Those on my Christmas card list will find one small creation using four of Jake’s food images – no more hints than that, although I will post the image when Christmas is nigh.

I have started painting again with my return to our home on Bonaire. I have four canvases in the works – yellow orioles, a gnarled Divi Divi tree, a beach vista and red macaw portrait. I hope to reopen my in-home art gallery by the beginning of December. I’ve got another two on the drawing board, but not quite started with flying flamingos and some luscious purple calla lilies.