There and back again…

There and back again…
Born and raised in New Hampshire, I spent the last 19 years living on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. I found the vibrant colors and dramatic creatures of Bonaire to be inspirational. The brilliant Caribbean light bouncing off the intense Bonaire colors – mustard yellow houses, neon green iguanas, turquoise water, coral pink flamingos, the incredible purples of the salt pans against the white mountains of salt.

Now I am living in New Hampshire and back to the changing of the seasons; the rich colors of fall, deep snow and long nights of winter, the burst of life in spring, and the deep lethargic hazy afternoons of summer. Just as I brought a bit of New Hampshire to Bonaire (imagine rolling out Christmas cookies in 90-degree heat), now I will bring a bit of Bonaire back with me. There I found my voice, my passion for painting nature portraits, a close-up view of animals, birds, flowers, and shells. Now I am looking for the voice that called me home in the small towns, stone walls, ever present granite, vistas with ponds, lakes and rivers around every bend.

Linda Richter


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November 2016
I have just started adding my images to where you can purchase all sorts of mugs, Tshirts, bags, magnets, and stickers. So if you feel the need for a flamingo, parrot, or donkey mug, this is the place to go. I have about 6 images so far, but plan on adding many more in the next few weeks.