North from Aquarius

North from Aquarius by Linda Richter
North from Aquarius

North from Aquarius
My family and I had just come up from a dive at a site called Aquarius. Underwater is beautiful but above can’t be beat either. Underwater the shallow sandy shelf extends out many feet; this gives the water an incredible turquoise color with shades of emerald and cobalt. Past the shelf, it drops off into the depths and the deep blue takes over.

The first panel is just the beach and sea. Far in the distance, the highest point on Bonaire, Mt Branderis, can be seen in the middle panel. In the third panel, the land curves around with a narrow belt of sand and coral rock. The panels are individually framed in a black metal. Only sold as together.

Three 20×40” panels for a total size of 60”x40”
Oil painting on stretched canvas
Black metal canvas frame
(frame adds to overall size – about 1 inch vertically and 3 inches horizontally, plus any desired width between the panels)
Original $4800

Signed limited edition prints available in two sizes:
10×16.6″ Special $155,
and 5.25×8.75″ Medium $75

Keywords: beach, ocean, sea, seascape, landscape
Colors: white, grey, turquoise, blue, green



The crash of the waves, the turquoise of the ocean, and the white of the coral beach make it Pristine. Standing at the long abandoned slave hut, a reminder of a cruel past, and yet the scene is almost idyllic. No sounds of people or traffic mar the feeling. Take a deep breath, and breathe…

The simple design and contrasting colors which make up a slave hut has always attracted my eye. Visitors to Bonaire oooh and aaah when they see them. It is hard to imagine how harsh life must have been for workers in the solar salt pans.

Oil on stretched canvas
Black metal canvas floater
Gallery wrapped – solid blue-gray edges
Original SOLD

Signed limited edition print available in 6.6×13″ Large $125

Keywords: hut, building, beach, ocean
Colors: white, blue, turquoise, green