A red macaw has ruffled up his neck feathers and pulled his head back. His full attention is dead center and right on you. “Well?” he seems to ask, “What do you want?” He has not quite decided if you are bothering him yet.

The red macaw is a Red-and-green Macaw, also known as the Green-winged Macaw (Ara chloropterus).

Oil on stretched canvas
Black Metal canvas floater frame
Gallery wrapped edges – scene painted around
(leaves, sky, feathers)
Original $1120

Signed limited edition print available in 11×8″ Large $125

Keywords: bird, macaw, parrot
Colors: green, red

Richter Art 2012 Calendar

Richter Art 2012 Calendar
The 2012 Richter Art Calendar is an art wall calendar featuring 12 images of Linda Richter’s oil paintings and Jake Richter’s digital paintings. Each month’s image is protected by a gloss varnish.

Jake’s Images include:
~ Flamingo Parade
~ Lost Gentoo
~ Eagle in Flight
~ Tender Moment

Linda’s images include:
~ Contemplation
~ Walking Flamingos
~ Trupial Brunch
~ Reflections Captured
~ Macaws, Interrupted
~ Flamingo Sunset
~ Fishing Lessons
~ Who’s There?

This year we have added two mini-calendars for January and February 2013 at the back of our calendar for future planning.

The 2012 Richter Art Calendar sells for US$6.95 and is available now at the Richter Art Gallery on Bonaire. The calendar is available via the on-line shopping site for those in North America and Holland.

Calendar details:
~ Saddle Stitched binding
~ Full Brilliant Color
~ Gloss Varnish to all the artwork
~ Handy 6×6″ folded for easy mailing
~ Full 12×6″ when open, vertical

Blue Flirt

Blue Flirt
Blue Flirt

Blue Flirt
A friendly blue macaw looks over his shoulder with a nod and a wink. He is friends with the White Cockatoo.

oil on stretched canvas
18×18″ each
Blackwood canvas floater frame
Original SOLD

Gallery wrapped canvas with solid painted edges for hanging without framing.

Signed limited edition prints are available in standard size 8×8″” print area $95.

Keywords: animal, bird, parrot, macaw
Colors: blue, gold, yellow