Take Flight

Take Flight by Linda Richter
Take Flight

Take Flight
Serene and peacefully, the sun was raising beyond the low hills of Bonaire. Parent and child pairs of flamingos took flight at dawn from Slagbaai behind the plantation house. We had camped overnight in the Washington Slagbaai National park which gives an amazing opportunity to experience the daily life cycle in the salines.

Oil painting on stretched canvas
Black Metal canvas floater frame
Gallery wrapped edges, painted light Naples yellow
Original $2304

Signed limited edition print available 6.532×13” on 13×19” paper Large $125

Keywords: bird, flamingo
Colors: orange, pink, grey, green, yellow

Wading Flamingo


Wading Flamingo

Wading Flamingo
This is a very tall, narrow panel like a window into the flamingo’s world. A single flamingo is ankle deep in the shallow tidal pools along the shore. The high noon sun has eliminated most of the shadows but that cast by the flamingo’s neck on its back. The flamingo’s bright plumage glows with color in the strong sunlight.

This painting depicts a flamingo at life size, up close and personal, but unafraid.

Oil on stretched canvas
Black metal canvas floater frame
Gallery wrapped edges – painted solid light blue
Original $1656

Signed limited edition print available in 16×6.3″ Special $155

Keywords: flamingo, bird, avian, beach
Colors: orange, beige, blue, gray

The Great Blue

The Great Blue
The Great Blue

The Great Blue
The Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias, is a winter visitor on the island of Bonaire. He stalks the shores of the Salinas grown full from the fall rains. An interesting note the heron flies with his neck pulled in while a flamingo flies with his neck fully extended.

Acrylic on masonite, clear acrylic sealant
no frame, edges are painted, drilled holes for hanging
Original $1728

Signed Limited Edition print Large $125

Keywords: heron, birds, wildlife water
Colors: grey, gray, white, green