Flamingo to the Right

Flamingo to the Right by Linda Richter
Flamingo to the Right

Flamingo to the Right
A set of two new flamingo paintings join the group. Originally intended as a set of three with Flamingo Hearts, the second and third painting came together in way that doesn’t quite fit with Flamingo Hearts. They all have a similar color scheme which means they would easily co-exist in the same space but not together.

I love working in squares since they can be displayed in vertical or horizontal alignments on a wall. In this case, if presented horizontally the eyes of the flamingos point in interesting directions. With faces together, the eyes point outward away from each other, looking at the watchers. Faces apart and they are contemplating each other. An interesting display decision, I haven’t hung them in my gallery space yet so I don’t know what feels right to me.

The expression of the flamingo’s body and neck is a little more coy with the soft fullness of the body behind the neck.

Oil on stretched canvas
Black metal canvas floater frame
Original $800

Signed limited edition print available in 11×11″ Large $125

Keywords: flamingo, bird, heart
Colors: coral, red, orange, brown